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Felicia Davis, MHA

Ms. Davis joined the ACGME in 2001. She is the Executive Director for the Review Committees for Emergency Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, and Radiology. She was previously a Senior Data Coordinator in the Department of Applications and Data Analysis from 2001 to 2005, and as Senior Accreditation Administrator (2005-2008) and Associate Executive Director (2008-2013) for the Review Committee for Internal Medicine. She chaired the Department of Accreditation Committee’s Grovesite Focus Group, which was established to implement user efficiency and standardization across all Review Committees. Ms. Davis is a nationally recognized speaker on topics in graduate medical education. She has been involved in several administrator and program director workshops presenting on topics that emphasize meeting accreditation requirements and understanding the accreditation process. Ms. Davis recently served as a faculty member for ACGME International’s Qatar Educational Symposium. She has co-authored accreditation articles for the Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine’s publication, The Toolkit Series: A Textbook for Internal Medicine Education Programs. Ms. Davis holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from DePaul University and a Master’s degree in health administration from the University of St. Francis.

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