Advancing Innovation in Residency Education (AIRE)

The implementation of the Next Accreditation System offers an opportunity to help catalyze, recognize, and highlight innovation in graduate medical education (GME). While the current Program Requirements already provide substantial flexibility to test new educational and assessment approaches, the ACGME anticipates the potential need to offer waivers to compliance with selected requirements to further foster innovation in GME. To help achieve this goal, the ACGME is initiating a pilot program with the dual aims of 1) enabling the exploration of novel approaches and pathways in GME, and 2) enhancing the attainment of educational and clinical outcomes through innovative structure and processes in resident and fellowship education. The pilot, Advancing Innovation in Residency Education (AIRE), will encourage the adoption of the key principles of competency-based medical education (CBME) and outcomes.

Pilot proposals will undergo a three-step review process. The goals of the review process are to help programs implement a rigorous design and to assist in evaluating the effectiveness of the pilot by working collaboratively with the ACGME.

All proposals should be submitted to the Milestones Research Unit and Milestones staff members are available for consultation and questions during the development and submission process. After an initial screen by Milestones staff members, the proposal will be reviewed by the Innovation Pilot Research Committee (Innovation PRC) for completeness and methodological rigor. The Innovation PRC is an ACGME staff committee consisting of individuals with experience in curricular design and assessment. If the proposal meets criteria as outlined below, it will be forwarded to the appropriate Review Committee for review and approval, revision, or rejection.

Additional Information and AIRE Proposal Template
AIRE Annual Reporting Form

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