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Site Visit Evaluation

The ACGME hopes that all accreditation site visits are collegial and educational experiences for Sponsoring Institutions and programs, and that the experience is helpful to designated institutional officials (DIOs) and program directors.

Evaluation of the performance of an individual or a team conducting a site visit is essential to improving the quality of the accreditation site visit and the accreditation process overall. After a Sponsoring Institution or program undergoes an accreditation site visit, the Department of Field Activities sends an electronic letter and an attached web-based evaluation form to the DIO or program director, asking for an evaluation of the site visit.

Completion of the survey is an important way to contribute to improving the accreditation site visit process. The sole purpose of the brief evaluation survey is to seek “actionable” feedback on the performance of the Field Representative(s). Responses are not shared with the Review Committees, nor are they used as part of the evaluation of an institution or program by the Committee.

Institutions and programs should receive the electronic letter requesting evaluation of the accreditation site visit seven-to-10 days following the date of the visit. Those who prefer to provide feedback verbally can contact Andrea Chow, associate director, Field Activities, at 312.755.5009.

Updated: July 9, 2018

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