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AWARE Well-Being Resources

A new suite of resources designed to promote well-being among residents, fellows, faculty members, and others in the GME community is now available on demand. This initial set of AWARE resources focuses on individual strategies for cognitive skill building, and includes a video workshop, podcasts, and the ACGME AWARE app. Institution and program leaders, as well as faculty members, residents, and fellows, are encouraged to download these educational resources for use or integration into local curricula to mitigate the effects of stress, prevent burnout, and foster well-being among members of the GME community.

AWARE Cognition and Well-Being Skill Development Video Workshop

Designed for designated institutional officials (DIOs) and program directors, this video workshop provides programs with a framework for addressing well-being with residents, and provides a model for leading a local workshop on the role of cognition in well-being.

The workshop contains three short videos with slides, a Facilitator’s Guide with a workshop agenda, exercises, and guidelines for discussion. Log into Learn at ACGME to access or download the AWARE Video Workshop.

Length: 1.5 to 2.5 hours


Designed for individual physicians, particularly junior residents, the AWARE app introduces users to common cognitive routines that contribute to stress and burnout, and then directs users toward cognitive behavioral therapy practices that may be helpful to undoing those routines and improving well-being. The app can also be used by institutions and programs as part of a broader well-being curriculum.

Download the app to a mobile device through the Apple Store or Google Play. Note: Android users must have Android OS 9.0 or newer to use this app.

Length: 20-30 minutes

AWARE Podcasts

These include two series of podcasts with different objectives, and are downloadable from virtually all podcast platforms.

The Cognitive Skill Building for Well-Being series is designed to teach individual clinicians, including residents, fellows, and faculty members, about common cognitive mindsets and effective strategies for enhancing their well-being.

The Systems and Research in Well-Being series is designed to connect DIOs and program directors with resources to help inform local systems/curricula to support the well-being of their clinicians, and to provide the community with updates on evolving evidence-based knowledge.

Search for “ACGME AWARE” on podcast platforms, including Spotify, and RadioPublic.

Length: 15-40 minutes

Bookmark this page and Learn at ACGME, as resources are added regularly. Additional online and multimedia resources on strategies for addressing the organizational and cultural aspects of well-being are under development and slated for release in 2020.

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