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ACGME Resident Council

The ACGME’s Resident Council, the Council of Review Committee Residents (CRCR), is composed of 34 members, including the current resident representatives of the ACGME Board, Review Committees, and Osteopathic Principles Committee, and a public member appointed by the ACGME Board of Directors.

CRCR Mission

The CRCR advises the ACGME Board about graduate medical education, accreditation, and resident/fellow issues. Recent discussions have focused on resident/fellow well-being and mental health awareness, preparedness for independent practice, and feedback on resident/fellow work hour restrictions.

CRCR Structure

The Chair is a voting member of the ACGME Board of Directors, and the Vice Chair assists with CRCR leadership. The CRCR accomplishes its work through ad hoc committees and three standing subcommittees:

  • The Engagement and Outreach Subcommittee focuses on increasing awareness among residents and fellows about the ACGME’s work.
  • The Leadership Subcommittee actively identifies, recruits, cultivates, and promotes future leaders in GME.
  • The Well-Being Subcommittee provides a unique perspective on the ACGME’s efforts to improve physician well-being.

Learn More About the CRCR’s Work

To access articles written by CRCR members showcasing recent work of the Council, click here.

If you would like more information about the CRCR, e-mail For more information about the application process and responsibilities of Review Committee members click here.

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