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ACGME Global Services offers customized advisory services to help governments and institutions outside the United States optimize their graduate medical education, known in other countries as postgraduate medical education (PGME), to deliver better health outcomes and safety to their populations.

The ACGME, the recognized leader and innovator in PGME in the United States that accredits more than 11,000 residency and fellowship programs in 850 institutions, created ACGME Global Services to help advance the quality of PGME around the world.

ACGME Global Services works with:

  • Hospitals or hospital groups interested in starting PGME programs
  • Ministries of Health or equivalent governmental organizations
  • Regional organizations involved with health professional education
Our Services
  • Developing PGME standards consistent with international best practices
  • Developing systems to evaluate and accredit PGME programs and their sponsoring institutions consistent with international best practices
  • Providing infrastructure support to national and regional PGME accreditation organizations, including data collection, management, and analysis
  • Providing training programs for standards developers, program evaluators and accreditors, site visitors, and PGME faculty members
  • Assisting potential training centers in preparing to host PGME programs consistent with international best practices
  • Conducting seminars on the latest developments in PGME
Project Example

ACGME Global Services was retained by an international government health care agency to evaluate and make recommendations regarding postgraduate health education.

The project included two streams. The first was a review of the current national PGME program, including an assessment and gap analysis, followed by a roadmap with recommendations to correct identified gaps. The second was assessments and gap analyses of proposed new training centers and existing programs that did not meet current requirements, followed by roadmaps to correct identified gaps.

"Building a modern, accountable health care infrastructure is essential to providing better health care outcomes and safety for people around the world. Postgraduate medical education is an important part of that infrastructure. Through PGME, physicians form their identity as specialists, learning not only the skills of the specialty they have chosen, but also understanding who they must become to manage the stress and expectations they will encounter in a life of service to their patients."

Thomas J. Nasca, MD, MACP
President and Chief Executive Officer, ACGME

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John Ogunkeye
Executive Vice President, ACGME Global Services

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